Tuesday 18 November 2008

Rukuhia Relics

Wayne Grant sends a photographic report of some 'dung dusters' at Hamilton today 18Nov.

This first is a shot of the remains of FU24-950M ZK-BXS c/n 77 registered to Super Air. This aircraft was involved in a landing accident at Piako on 11Nov when, per the CAA website, it was fast and high which resulted in the aircraft running off the end of the strip and coming to rest upside-down. The pilot was not injured.

The second is of FU24-950M ZK-CYM c/n 132 which was registered to Super Air 07Apr08 ex VH-CYM. Note the cabin windows.

FU24-950 ZK-DZO c/n 212 looking great in its Super Air scheme and PT6 engine.

FU24-950 PK-PNZ is destined for Indonesia, with a ferry flight originally planned for late October but it obviously remains holding at Hamilton.


  1. Good one Wayne & Mike. Tks for the update.
    I see on ZK-CYM/2 the words "Experimental" beneath the cockpit. Any idea whats going on ?. This aircraft was originally ZK-CTP.
    & to add to the confussion - ZK-CYM/1 was c/n 144 which became ZK-LAY which crashed on 10-03-00.

    ZK-DZO I note is a "Fletcher 2000".

    PK-PNZ is c/n 172 ex ZK-DHY etc.

  2. PK-PNZ departed YBCG this morning 13/12/08 bound for YBCS. The controller farewelled them after some sort of problem with their brakes on the ground. The parting comments from the controller were "to keep Australia on their left" :-)