Sunday 2 November 2008

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HGQ

My first sighting of ZK-HGQ4 at Christchurch on Friday 31-10-08. Robinson R22 Beta , c/n 1438 , was built with the manufacturers test registration of N40030 before delivery to Peru as OB-1632P in September 1995. As such it arrived in Nelson in the last week of August 2003 and was stored before becoming ZK-HYT3 on 07-12-07 for Tim Douglas-Clifford.
Rick Lucas Helicopters (Helipro) of Palmerston North became the listed owners from 14-03-08.
This pic shows ZK-HYT3
at Heli-Maintenance, Christchurch on 28-11-07 - before becoming officially registered.

Earlier - 01-03-2007 to be precise - Rick Lucus registered a Kawasaki BK117 B-1 , c/n 1030 , as ZK-HGQ3 , ex JA9941.

Pic above shows the BK117 B-1 JA9941 coming together to be ZK-HGQ3 at Palmerston North on 11-02-07.

Whats all this leading up to ?

For reasons unknown to me, Rick wanted the BK117 registerd as ZK-HYT and the Robinson to be ZK-HGQ. To do this the Robinson was re-registered as ZK-IIZ on 13-05-08 very briefly, thusly freeing up the ZK-HYT marks, then the BK117 took up these vacated marks;. Once that was done the Robinson then moved to take up the freed up ZK-HGQ marks.


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