Saturday 1 November 2008

Two more Hughes 369's. ZK-HMZ and ZK-HUX.

Two more Hughes 369's I noted on my recent outing.

ZK-HUX Hughes 369D , c/n 1190607D had a build date of November 1979 to become N9149F. It came to NZ and was registered to one R J Hayes at Te Anau as ZK-HUX on 16-05-1985, first flying as such at Christchurch on 29-05-85. It moved up to Airwest Helicopters at Reefton in April 1989 before going back to Te Anau on 09-09-1994 - this time listed to Southern Lakes Helicopters. Mount Hutt Helicopters used it during 1996 although they don't seem to appear on the "official paperwork" . Central South Island Helicopters (Helimac) of Herbert feature from 31-05-2002 and currently Enfield Enterprises of Oamaru feature from 19-10-2004. Pictured above at the Timaru Gun Club on 05-10-08, parked about 10m from the Airfield boundary fence. I guess this negates any landing fees !

One that has eluded me for many years is the Hughes 369HS ZK-HMZ. However on 11-10-08 It was the only occupant of the airfield at Manapouri - parked away out by the fuel pump. This is a product of July 1973 and began as N9156F with a c/n of 730499S before becoming ZK-HMZ on 23-05-79 with F R Andrews Transport Ltd at Gore. As of 26-02-87 it was listed to W Pinckney & F R Andrews Transport and then to W Pinckney Ltd at Glenaray Station (Waikaia) from 30-11-94. Scobies Transport of Wyndham feature from 04-01-1996. It now carries the script Scobies Transport Ltd and Helicopters Southland Ltd.

Note that both are fitted with wire cutters above and below the fuselage pod.

Also interesting was the fact that although this airfield is some distance from civilisation, I was met by another vehicle as I was departing the airfield. Just the elderly Mr Scobie himself wondering what I was doing near his flying machine. So big bro is watching out there.

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