Friday 7 November 2008

Question time # 24 resolved.

It comes to those who wait - so they say.

A note from a contact at Blenheim provided the following :- Fairchild 24-C8C, N18617, with the c/n 2605. Powered with a Warner Scarab 145hp (at 2050 rpm) seven cylinder radial.

It belongs to Trevor Collins who already has the Helio H-250 Courier II ZK-TCE and the Porterfield 35-70 ZK-POR.

I can add that this F24 was built in 1934 as NC31 for the US Bureau of Commerce. One of 130 of this model built by the Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Company at Hagerstown, Indiana (I think). They being a division of Fairchild Corporation.

A three seat aircraft, with the rear seat foldable for freight etc. 36 foot 4 inch span and AUW at 2150 pounds.

It is still currently listed on the FAA files to Ed Miller of Omaha, Nebraska.

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