Sunday 30 November 2008

Question time # 26 solved.

James has cracked Question time # 26.
Aerotek Pitts S-1S with c/n 1-0025.
Built in the USA as N8036 in about 1974 and cancelled in May 1988.
Shipped to NZ but wing damaged during transit.
Registered here as ZK-FRJ on 14-06-1988 to the Ashburton Aerobatic Syndicate which consisted of at least ten members. It carried "Inexcusable Extravagance" on port engine cowling. On 25-05-2003 it struck a fence during a cross wind landing at Cust. It is now on its way back to an airworthy condition by Maurice Till at Rangiora.

Pictured at West Melton on 09-12-1988

"Inexcusable Extravagance"

I believe the "RJ" in the FRJ registration comes from the first two initials of one of the syndicate members.

The nose in the background is that of a Titan Tornado.

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  1. RJ McDougal was one of the main members of the syndicate and made plenty of noise in the previous Pitts KEM, I was told the F in FRJ was “Fricken R J” about to make some noise.