Thursday 27 November 2008

Gone offshore. Koala ZK-IHS

One of our October cancellations from the NZ Civil Aircraft register is this Agusta A119 Koala ZK-IHSc/n 14037. First noted on the US register as N48HH with the manufacturer Agusta Aerospace on 09-12-2003. It was re-registered as N928KR for TexAir Helicopters Inc on 14-04-2004. An incident near Big Bear City, California on 19-07-04 meant a trip back to the manufactures with whom it was recertified on 25-04-2005. It became VH-PSR2 in August 2006 and had an owners address on the Isle of Mann. It was noted in Northern Ireland among other places during this time. On 09-11-2007 Heliflite Pty of Bankstown appear on the paperwork which was cancelled on 07-12-2007 for it to become ZK-IHS on the same day for Heli Solutions Ltd at Tauranga. The above pic shows it on 18-03-08 at Ardmore.
It became N119JT with Skyrunner Aviation Inc Trustee of Wilmington, Delaware on October the 7th; the day following its NZ cancellation.
It has been replaced at Heli Solutions by the Agusta AW119 Mk11 ZK-ISR c/n 14710.

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  1. its now located at Manor Farm, Binham, Norfolk.NR21 ODE .UK. owned by Jeremy Taylor, Skyrunner Aviation Limited reg.04408061