Monday 3 November 2008

Unknown AA1 at North Shore

This trailer, presumably a promotional tool, was noted at North Shore Airfield on 16-03-2008.
Any one know the identity of this aircraft ?


  1. Hello Blue Bus,

    I can fill you in on this from when I was club captain at Auckland Aero Club a few years ago.

    The aircraft is an old Grumman AA1B that [allegedly] had a bender many many years back [nothing to do with me - before my time! :-)]. It is now full of bog :-) and used as a promotional tool. Last I checked it was parked at Auckland Aero Club [hence the "rego", AAC on the a/c], but North Shore contributed to the trailer in some way a few years back on the basis of being able to use it.

    Inside the trailer, you have an almost complete aircraft. Roll it out and the wings are inside and can be reattached, along with control runs to the ailerons. The engine is an old cut-away type. The aircraft has most of the usual VFR instruments, including [I think] a very old radio stack, plus seats.

    Much better to let the kiddies play in this "plane" than in your shiny new one, me thinks :-)

    Good spotting!


  2. Ah ha. Rodney to the rescue !

    Ok. sS its an AA1-B Trainer.
    I think we only had four of these.
    ZK-DKX - still current.
    ZK-DKY - still current.
    ZK-DLF, damaged Ardmore 07-10-85. and registration revoked 20-04-06.
    ZK-DNI, damaged Feilding 16-03-01. and cancelled as withdrawn 27-06-02.
    So I guess that narrows it down a bit.

    Tks. Regards