Sunday 2 November 2008

Aero L29 ZK-JRF really does exist.

Aero L-29 ZK-JRF , c/n 892851, was observed today in the rear of the Wairakei Holdings hangar at the western side of Christchurch Airport.

Compared with others of its type in NZ that I have observed, this is a really tidy unit.

It is stored in John's hangar along with his EC 120 ZK-IFR.

It has been registered in NZ since 30-10-2007. Previously being #2851 with the Czech military.

It will shortly be joined by the NA78 Harvard ZK-XSA, which is moving in from Forest Field.

The tidy office has many "Western" instruments.



  1. fabrice@windus-online.de8 March 2011 at 09:05


    if you still read this, I'm really interested in ZK-IFR as I love the paint sheme and am trying to paint it on a EC120 for a flight simulator..

    I just can't find more than 2 pictures of ZK-IFR on the Internet, it is just impossible to accurately paint a helicopter like that.
    So, if you read this and have a couple of pictures of this beauty, I'd be so happy if you contacted me (my name is my email adress)! :)

  2. This'll be a brilliant addition, provided it's still here and will remain here. But XSA is still here in Rangiora, not sure where you got your info about it moving from!!

  3. Ownership change for XSA on the CAA web site: see