Thursday 20 November 2008

More on the Zlins down South.

Pete said...

Alexandra Z-37S - I happened across these today. The third wears a plate on the fuselage side as ZK-RJE. (all three have clearly visible plates) Where did you get the cns from? One of the bits in the pile on the other side of the shed had 040 in red painted on it but I didn't see anything to confirm 011 or 015.

November 2o, 2008 7:54 PM


Continuing the blog from November 4th.

Evening Pete.
The three fuselages by my calculations, from left to right, and from my notes taken on the day (08-10-2008) have - on the left with the blue fuselage stripe is ZK-RJI which is plainly marked on the fuselage side. Carefully check the background of the third pic below. I did not see the cockpit plate in this aircraft. There is a plate on the outside, visible on the pic below, towards the left hand edge of the pic and below the hand hold. I don't recall what it had on it.
The middle fuselage I noted as Z37T 011, taken from a plate within the cockpit.
The third airframe noted from the cockpit plate as Z137T 040.

Checking against my notes on the NZ Civil Register I note that ZK-RJI is c/n 015.
The c/n 011 on the cockpit plate on the centre fuselage tells me that this airframe did not come onto the NZ register. However The previous identity of this aircraft was OK-RJE. The only ZK-RJE on our register to my knowledge was a Tecnam P2002-JF c/n 032; now in Australia as VH-IMP. (did you mispoll this as ZK-RJE ? or have I got it all wrong ?)
The right hand fuse c/n plate giving 040 makes it ZK-RZN (ex ZK-RDZ) as per the aircraft register and also the black fuselage stripes narrow this ID down. This also had red wing tips, rudder etc, but I noted no red bits at LX during my visit.

The wing centre section and elevators I did not take much interest in.

The three fuselages from another angle. "RJI" visible on the blue stripe on the far away fuselage.

Pete you say "the third wears a plate etc" Which one do you class as the third one ?

Interesting feedback thanks Pete. All the more reason to take good & copious notes. It just prooves that two people looking at the same thing, can come away with different observations.

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