Saturday 22 November 2008

Ambling at Ardmore

A late spring day had me take the opportunity to amble around Ardmore and today proved well worth the effort.
Tecnam seemed to be buzzing with recently registered P92 Eaglet ZK-NSR/2 outside the avionics workshop. It was registered to Neil Ross of Gore just 3 days ago.

A second Eaglet, ZK-WTF, was parked in front of Tecnam's HQ along with P2002 Sierra ZK-JAX/2.

Note the 2 seat Spitfire departing in the background!

Helicopters were well represented with Robinson R44 ZK-HQF/2 and Robinson R44 ZK-HJU/4 both outside. Coromandel based Robinson R44 ZK-IAY was beating the helicopter circuit.

Eurocopter EC120B ZK-IFZ has been around since June this year and is operated by Heliflight. It was returning from a local flight when snapped.

Eurocopter BK117 C-2 (aka EC145) ZK-IGT is NZ's only example and is flown under Advanced Flight Limited banner on behalf of its owner.

A couple of foreign registered aircraft were also on the field, check out

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