Sunday 17 December 2017

New sightings for Magnaman

Three shots taken at Ardmore by Magnaman today (17-12-2017).
The first time he has seen any of these aircraft.
 ZK-OHA was parked at a private hangar near the eastern end.
This Zlin Aviation Savage is c/n 0129 and is still listed to Lars Fellman.
The late Lars also had the Rotorway Exec 162F ZK-IOH, the S.N.C.A.N Stampe SV 4A ZK-BBV2, and the R and B Bearhawk ZK-FHR2.
 Over near the DTI facility was the Cessna 182S ZK-EBG3 c/n 18280617.
Initially registered here as ZK-MDH from 13-09-1999 it was purchased by E B Gordon of Marton from 06-08-2015 and re-registered to reflect his initials as ZK-EBG on 26-01-2017.
On the grass near the fuel station was the Cessna 320E Skynight ZK-EGN2 c/n 320E0070.
This, the only Cessna 320 in NZ, arrived in country on Christmas Day 1978 and was taken up by Brett Emeny of Inglewood from 16-01-1990.

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