Friday 22 December 2017

Cessna 180 ZK-BUP and ZK-CDY

The Cessna 180 c/n 32968 was allocated the US registration of N9671B but was shipped new out to 
new and became ZK-BUP with Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth on 20-08-1957.
It  received its NZ CoF on 27-08-1957.
As can be seen from the lovely photo below taken at Wellington (thanks to Traveladastra) it spent a bit of time as a four seater before having a hopper inserted.
I am guessing the date as late 1957 with airfield surface work still being on. Note the dusty truck in the background and the stoney surface below BUP.
Might I suggest that it is a temporary stand in for the Wellington Aero Club's Cessna 180 ZK-BKG which was damaged at Rongotai on 24-08-1957 !
It was visiting Wellington along with the new Cessna 182A ZK-BUK
It went on to agricultural duties and spent a lot of its time as a sprayer.
The photo below comes from Neville Drake and shows it at Christchurch in 1958 in a new paint scheme to cover the bare metal.
 And below at Paraparaumu in 1959.
It was damaged in an incident at Mount Curl, near Hunterville, on 03-12-1962 and its registration was cancelled on 16-01-1963.
Back at Bell Block, New Plymouth it was rebuilt using some parts of Cessna 180's ZK-BSZ and ZK-BUY and emerged as ZK-CDY for Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on 09-10-1963 with the new construction number of RA/4/63 and first flew on 14-10-1963 and was immediately transferred to Adastra Aviation Ltd at Tauranga.
Above ZK-CDY as seen at Tauranga on 26-09-1972
After a minor incident at Ardmore on 17-08-1968 it passed to G A Ashe of Whangarei and by 26-02-1975 it was with Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch. I suspect there was another owner in between these two. 
Airwork moved it on to D W Stone of Hororata from 18-08-1975 and ten years later it took up the parachute dropping habit with the Christchurch Parachute School ltd of Christchurch from 13-08-1985.
We see it below at Christchurch on 24-10-1986 wearing Christchurch Parachute School script.

Below also at Christchurch but on 29-12-1986
Jock Montgomery of Cheviot listed it from 27-02-1989 (replacing his Auster J5Q ZK-BLW) and based it on his farm strip just south of town.
Snapped at Cheviot on 04-07-1990.
 It was overturned on landing at the Cascade River on 16-02-1994 
Above at West Melton on 03-03-1998
And it then ran off his strip on takeoff at Cheviot on 27-12-1998. 
Above at Wigram on 10-11-2005.
And arriving at Rangiora (below) on 05-02-2007
It was sold on 20-01-2009 and Jock replaced it with the Hornet Stol ZK-JCM3.
The new owner was C G S and R S Gorman of Blenheim.
Below as noted at Omaka on 24-03-2009
Also at Omaka, below, on 09-02-2010

Above it was shot at Motueka on 19-02-2011
On 27-04-2011 it was re-designated with the c/n of 32968 - the original c/n of ZK-BUP.
The current owner Kiwi Avi8tor Ltd of Te Awamutu too it over from 24-12-2015.


  1. When I took the photo of BUP at Rongotai it was visiting briefly with another new Cessna 182 BUK. I don't believe it was ever operated by WAC as a replacement for BKG

  2. Thanks Anonymous.
    I have amended the original text.