Friday 15 December 2017

Cessna 180A ZK-CGJ

The Cessna 180A ZK-CGJ was a hybrid being built up from parts of four other Cessna 180's by Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd.
The other four 180's are said to have been :-
Rural Aviation Ltd's ZK-BUW (c/n 50018) which crashed at Porangahau on 24-03-1963.
Rural Aviations ZK-BWY (c/n 50819) which crashed at Raetihhi on 19-06-1963.
Rural Aviation ZK-BSZ (c/n 32999) which crashed at Morrinsvile on 28-01-1962.
And Rural Aviations ZK-BUP (c/n 32968) which crashed at Mt Curl  on 03-12-1962.
The rebuild gained its CofA on 28-07-1964 and was registered as ZK-CGJ on 31-07-1964 with the c/n of RA/5/1964. (Rural Aviation rebuild number five in 1964). 
Below is an early shot of her with 'Rex Aviation NZ Ltd CESSNA Sales and Service' on its fuselage side. Taken at Feilding by Allan Wooller.
It then continued in the agricultural role with Rural Aviation (1963) Ltd from 02-03-1965 with a lease to Northern Air Services Ltd of Te Kuiti in 1966.
Below is a photo taken in August 1966 at Feilding showing its "Rural" scheme from Allan Wooller.
As a four seater it went to the Middle Districts Aero Club at Palmerston North dated 30-03-1967.
Above at Palmerston North, thanks to Allan Wooller, showing it still in its old colour scheme but minus the Rural titles.
It is seen below at Palmerston North on 26-06-1968 in a new scheme.
It had some sort of an incident at Feilding on 06-09-1969 and ended up with Dargaville Finance Ltd from 10-07-1970 and went out on lease to John Willis Enterprises of Ardmore where it gave the Cherokee 140 ZK-CEQ a bit of a nudge on 13-09-1970.
Stark Aviation Ltd got it shortly there after, (and it is seen below at Ardmore on 11-06-1973) 
before passing it on to Paraflite Aviation Ltd of Otara from 04-09-1973. 
Above in a new scheme at Ardmore in September of 1976 with 'Paraflite' title on fin. 
They moved it on to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd at Momona from 20-10-1977 who on sold it to D F and J A Ward of Rangiora from 07-11-1977.
Seen at Momona on 01-04-1979 with Continental Caterers, Rangiora titles on fin just prior to its sale to K J Maher.
From 14-05-1979 K J Maher of Taieri had it (as seen below at Taieri on 13-05-1981).
And noted below at Makarora on 29-12-1979.
It was sold to Mike Thomas of Killermont Station (at the Northern end of the Lindis Pass) from 24-11-1982.
Above Mike is refueling CGJ at Oamaru on 17-05-1984
I spotted it at Christchurch on 17-09-1987
Mike had the Cessna 180 ZK-BJU from mid-1989 until September of 1992 (so was CGJ out of the air during this period).
Then we see it at Christchurch on 20-10-2000, below.
And below at Timaru on 29-12-2007 with its new spinner.
And then again at Timaru below on 20-10-2008.
Seen below at Omarama on 10-12-2009.
It turned up at the Cessna 180/185 Club gathering at the fly in (below) at Masterton on 21-01-2011
It c/n was relisted as 50018 (that of ZK-BUW) on 15-07-2011.
Below it does not look any different with its new c/n - parked out at Omarama on 11-11-2011
It struck a rock whilst landing in the Upper Dingle on 11-02-2012 - tearing out the undercarriage and a wing strut.
Its registration was cancelled on 13-08-2013 with Frank Wright handling the rebuild at Tauranga.
It was re-registered to Frank R Wright on 22-11-2017 and carried out its first flight today (15-12-2017.
These three photos from Hairy Mole Rat show the 'new' ZK-CGJ in Frank Wright's signature colour scheme. Taken at Tauranga 15-12-2017.


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