Sunday 10 December 2017

Diamond Twin Star ZK-EAN

A "new" twin has joined the Ardmore Flying School flightline in the form of Diamond DA42 Twin Star ZK-EAN4. This example has lived at Ardmore since importation in May 2015 when it arrived as N422DK and became ZK-DAX with Eagle Flight Training, however ownership changed to one of Eagle's owners in October this year and it was re-registered ZK-EAN on 08 December. 
This is the fourth use of ZK-EAN. The first was on a CT4 in 1975 for its delivery flight to the Royal Australian Air Force, then a Piper Tomahawk operated by the Ardmore Flying School from 1990 until 1999 and its third use was on the side of a Beech 1900D from September 2002 until October 2016. 
The registration EAN is personalised for the flying school's principal owner, Liz Needham. 

Ardmore 10 December 2017 
Ardmore 30 May 2015. 

Ardmore 31 March 2016.

On the subject of Eagle Flight Training, they have moved their base of operations to Gisborne with the gaggle of DA20 and single DA40 now resident at the East Coast airport while DA42 ZK-ZYX has changed ownership to Eagle Flight Training but still seems to spend much of its time at Ardmore. 

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