Saturday 30 December 2017

More Historical Fletcher FU 24 Photos, from Hamilton

Also from Don Gwilliam's photo collection via Steve Gwilliam are these 2 very early Fletchers taken at Rukuhia, Hamilton, probably in 1955:

The original Fletcher FU 24 ZK-BDS (c/n 1) outside its Robertson Air Service base in its original open cockpit configuration.  For the history of this aircraft see HERE

And over on the other side of the airfield in the James Aviation hangar is ZK-BHV (c/n 23) with its original 225 HP Continental engine I think, and with No 2 on the fin.  ZK-BHV was first registered in August 1955 and in this very early James Aviation scheme the red and black trim lines meet along the fuselage .  You can see other Fletchers being assembled in the hangar in the background.

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