Tuesday 19 December 2017

Auckland Airbuses 23-11-2017

After visiting Ardmore with No 2 grandson last month we had lunch at Wendys and as Emirates will soon be stopping most of their A 380 services into Auckland, I reckoned we should head out to Auckland International to see a couple of them arriving.  Unfortunately it took us a bit longer to chomp our hamburgers and Flight Radar 24 told us the first A 380 was pretty close.  So a mad dash out to the airport with Flight Radar 24 showing it on long finals as we drove along Puhinui Road - we could see it coming in the rear vision mirror!  However we arrived just in time to leap out of the car and photograph it as it crossed the airport threshold.

 We were rewarded with an A 380 sandwich!

 The first Emirates A 380 was A6-EDB, from Brisbane.

And Singapore Airlines A 380 9V-SKH departed soon after.

See how much the wings move up as the aircraft begins flying.

Then Emirates A 380 A6-EET arrived from Melbourne.

That's a lot of passengers!

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