Thursday 28 December 2017

Cessna 320E ZK-EGN

The Cessna 310 first flew on 03-01-1953 and developed over the years to the 310Q.
The Cessna 320 Skynight was a development of the Cessna 310F and initially designated Cessna 310S with an extended cabin and extra windows and power came from a pair of Continental TSIO-470-B engines. By  the time we get to the Cessna 320E model the engine was the Continental TSIO-520.
By my count we have had eleven Cessna 310's in country - the first being ZK-BSY in mid-July 1957.

We have only had the one Cessna 320 on our register. 
This is the Cessna 320E Skynight ZK-EGN which is c/n 320E0070. 
This was initially pencilled in to become N3470Q in 1967 but in the event was listed as N577G followed by N577GN for it new owner George E Newton of Huntington Park California.
It was ferried out to Australia and became VH-EGN on 06-10-1967 for George E Newton of Ranch X near Esperance in West Australia.
By January 1970 it was with  Boomerang Air Service Pty Ltd in WA and from 16-01-1974 was listed with Flying Associates Pty Ltd of Townsville Queensland.
Then from 20-09-1975 it was with G Stratigos of Surfers Paradise.
Pic above shows VH-EGN at Coolangatta on 06-04-1977.
Colour scheme at this time was white with a dull red and mustardy/gold stripes.
It ferried into NZ on 25-12-1978 with its Australian registration being cancelled on 17-04-79 for it to become ZK-EGN with Dennis Thompson International Ltd.
Westland Flying Services hired the 320 for a short time during 1979. This was their first twin engined aircraft.
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The Wellington Aero Club hired it for a time before it went to M T and B Davie of Auckland from 01-07-1983.
Then followed the Skynight Syndicate of Waipukurau from 13-07-1984.
Below - Seen at Ardmore 09-08-1985
 and then D J McGregor Ltd of Auckland from 09-02-1987.
It was transferred to Brett and Jill Emeny of Inglewood on 16-01-1990.
 Above in the late afternoon sun at Wanaka on 30-03-2002
Above and below at Rangiora on 21-11-2007.

Above is a front on view of the wing tip fuel tank.
Above and below at Rangiora, again, on 15-09-2009


  1. ZK-EGN was Hokitika-based Westland Flying Services first twin...

  2. Thank you Steve L.
    I have now added this to the main text.