Friday 7 July 2017

Ramphos Amphibian Aircraft of New Zealand

The Ramphos amphibian consists of a flying boat hull mated to a double surface microlight trike wing.  It is produced by Ramphos Aircraft of Fontanfredda in Italy and the first version of the aircraft flew in 1998 and the amphibious version followed in 1999.  It can be powered by various engines in the 60 to 80 HP range including the Rotax 582 and 912. Empty weight is around 208 Kg (460 pounds) and MAUW is 450 Kg (992 pounds).

We have had one of these machines registered in New Zealand.

Guntram Gross of Whangarei imported Ramphos ZK-SEE (c/n NZR1) and registered it to his company Skywalk Ltd on 24/2/04, and he has sent these photos of it flying near Whangarei.

Thanks very much for the nice photos Guntram.

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  1. Got the chance to fly in this with Guntram. Awesome machine! He should be given a lot of credit for the improvements he made to make this a more successful aircraft.