Saturday 8 July 2017

Classic Fighters 2017 - The Yak Pack

In between posting the history of sport aircraft in New Zealand I thought I would post a few shots from Classic Fighters 2017, now that all the magazine coverage has appeared in print.

 I thought that the Yak 52 display team put on an excellent display with an 8 aircraft formation aerobatics team.  The Yaks in the team were:  ZK-KGB2, ZK-YKA, ZK-XXS, ZK-YAQ3, ZK-YAK2, ZK-PTE2, ZK-KEV2, and ZK-ZAH. 

Taxying out for their display on the Saturday.

And lining up for take off in front of one of the air race pylons.

A nice tight formation with smoke from all the 8 aircraft.

Into a loop...

And out the bottom.


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