Friday 7 July 2017

Another Friday outing to NZRT

Today at Rangiora it was hangar reshuffle day.
 One item of interest was the Airborne XTS-912-S ZK-DGR (c/n XT-912-0140).
It has featured previously  HERE
 Tucked at the back of Graeme Main's hangar was his latest project. 
Kolb Twinstar Mark II ZK-FTN (c/n 3000) first entered our register for E A Austin of Auckland on 07-06-1989. 
R M Cohen of Taradale was next from 01-02-1993 followed  by Bob Climpson of Upper Moutere from 08-08-1994.
It has been stored in a dismantled state in a hangar at Takaka for some time.
Graeme Main trailered it down to Rangiora recently and has began the process of returning it to the air.
 A recent addition to the Rangiora 701 STOL family at Rangiora is ZK-JRT (c/n 7-3838) now with the 701 Syndicate.
Thanks to Roy and ZK-PAB we managed to catch it today Northwest of Rangiora 'strutting around'.
On final back into Rangiora '07' with the Pulp/Board/Chip Mill (call it what you will) reporting point in the top left of the photo.

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