Wednesday 19 July 2017

King Air 350 ZK-PWL

New Zealand's population of Beechcraft King Air's has grown to 17 airframes with the recent arrival of 350 series ZK-PWL for a Tauranga based owner. Under its previous identity of VH-KJD, this King Air arrived in Hamilton on the evening of 02 July following its ferry flight from Archerfield via Lord Howe Island and Auckland. Its first flight under its ZK marks was on 11 July with a trip from Hamilton to Nelson and returning to Hamilton two days later. 

Taxiing for departure from Nelson 13 July 2017.

The 17 King Air's comprise of:

90 series :   FDN, MKG, SKL, ZZA
200 series : FDR, MDC, MFT, MYM, PLK, VMF, NZ7121, NZ7122, NZ7123, NZ7124
300LW series : SMC (pending deregistration after its departure from NZ for Argentina)
350 series : PWL, SSH

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