Wednesday 12 July 2017

Classic Fighters 2017 - Tiger Moth ZK-BER

Carrying on the Australian theme - Omaka based Tiger Moth ZK-BER (c/n 844 but I suspect more accurately it is DHA844) was on static display and is photo'd here taxying down the display line.  It was registered to the Omaka Tiger Syndicate on 17/8/04 and ownership changed to the Omaka Real Flying Club on 16/6/08.  Some time later it was refurbished and flew again in early 2015, and you can see from the photo that it is in pristine condition.

It was built during WW 2 in Australia and was originally destined for the Royal Rhodesian Air Force but it was retained for the RAAF as A17-712.  It was registered on the Australian civil register as VH-BEX in May 1954.

And here it is as VH-BEX at Temora on 25/4/91.  You can see that it hasn't changed much over the years.  Thanks to David Eyre for the photo. 


  1. "did not fly here until early 2015." - I'm not sure where that info came from, good Sir Minty, but I have it on good authority that BER was flying in NZ in 2007, if not well before! ;-)

  2. Dear Handbag

    You are correct. ZK-BER flew again in early 2015 after a refurbishment. I'll take a slap over my head for that, and I have changed the wording of the post. Seriously though, thanks for your comment and interest

  3. ;-) Always happy to help, and I visit the blog at least once a day!