Wednesday 26 July 2017

Aeroprakt A 32 Vixxen(s) of New Zealand

I thought I would follow on from my earlier posts on Aeroprakt A 22 Foxbats of New Zealand with the A 32 Vixxen, as it is a development of the Foxbat.  It is also a design of Yuri Yakovlev and it first flew in January 2014.

The A 32 Vixxen has a shorter wingspan than the Foxbat - 9.45 metres (31 feet) as against 10.10 metres (33 feet 2 inches).  It is also cleaned up aerodynamically which gives it a 20 knot increase in cruise speed on the same 100HP Rotax 912ULS engine.

ZK-WCB (c/n 10) was  registered to Foxbat Enterprises Ltd of Pukekohe on 2/5/16.  It is photo'd above at Kaipara Flats on 16/12/16 and below on takeoff at the 2016 Black Sands flyin at Raglan on 5/11/16.

ZK-WCB has twin control yokes, Cessna style, but the Vixxen can be optionally fitted with a central Y stick.

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