Friday, 27 September 2013

Piper Cub ZK-BKY

Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub ZK-BKY (c/n 18-4684) entered our register thanks to Airwork (NZ) Ltd Ltd of Christchurch on 27-03-1956 - gaining its CofA on 15-06-1956 for listing to the Nelson Aero Club from 11-08-1956.
 I believe it carried the name "Fifeshire" at some stage with the Club.
The pic above was shot at Nelson on 19-04-1964,
and below, also at Nelson, in a revised paint scheme, was dated 02-03-1971
 Ownership was transferred to D J Anderson of Christchurch on 03-09-1973.
 It was parked near the old Canterbury Aero Club rooms on August the 1st 1975 when gale force winds struck.
Pic below comes from the CMM collection.
ZK-BKY was cancelled from the register on 23-01-1976.

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  1. Another sad ending, thanks for the history