Saturday 14 September 2013

I remember when. The Ob came to town.

The Soviet ice strengthened transport ship Ob of about 12,500 tons was in Wellington in January 1971 as part of the 15th Soviet Antarctic Expedition.
On board was this Antonov AN2T CCCP-44956 (c/n 1G25-29)
This was first registered on 17-01-1963 and was part of the Polyamaya Aviatsiya.
I believe it was was cancelled in 1978.
 Two photos of CCCP-44956 on aboard the Ob at the Oversees Terminal at Wellington on 27-01-1971.
Below are two shots of CCCP-44956 being assembled on the ice.
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  1. And I'd always thought the AN2 that was flown out here in the 90s and now lives at Wanaka was the first ant in NZ!

  2. Well there you go !

    The Wanaka An2 LY-AKH would have been the first to fly in NZ I imagine.