Saturday 14 September 2013

A few from NZRT over recent days.

Nothing terribly exciting I'm afraid
The first three have been on this blog previously.
 ZK-BDE (c/n 30459) is Roger Hewett's Cessna 180.
 ZK-MAC2 (c/n 20071103) is the Pacific Pilot Trainings Evektor Aertechnik Sportstar Plus, down from Nelson to receive some TLC from Grant Porter at "The Landing Spot".
  ZK-VAL2 (c/n 408R) is the Val and Neville Somerville Murphy Rebel based at Cheviot.

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Mountain View's Hughes 369HS ZK-HWD3 (c/n 640606S) tied up.
ZK-WNG (c/n 145) is the Tecnam P96 Golf, Rangiora based, with Perry Shepard.

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