Sunday 1 September 2013

Calling Mel Nelson.

Message for Mel Nelson.

Dave Tan said...


So glad I found you again! I helped you fly paradrops in Singapore in 95S 1978. One morning I was flying my RSAF Bell 212 in Changi when you flew in. I met up with you, got checked out by Rudy Frey and the rest is history. I had a blast flying para for you, and I think we did an Air Rally in Malacca one year.

I live in Madison, WI and fly Dassault Falcon 2000s for NetJets. I own a SIAI Marchetti SF.260, my old primary trainer in the RSAF. If you get this, my email is  

Blue skies and short fields,

Dave Tan
P.S. Mel
The Cessna 185 N3395S you mention had the c/n 18502289 so would not have been our ZK-TAl / ZK-NRC.
Blue Bus.

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