Wednesday 20 March 2013

Turbulent ZK-BWE

I have received some interesting photographs from Des Smith taken in the early 1960's. I will drip feed them as time permits.

The history of Druine D.31 Turbulent was pretty well covered by Sir Minty in an earlier posting at :-
Above we see ZK-BWE at Hastings with Des Smith in the cockpit. Photo by E Hales. In the background is the Miles Whitney Straight ZK-AXD and the HB and ECAC Tiger Moth ZK-ANP.
ZK-BWE was damaged on 03-01-1963 by another pilot after engine problems at Waiohiki. I seem to recall that the fuel cap vent was blocked. As can be seen below the wing was badly damaged.
The aircraft was repaired and is still current today with Bruce Shepherd of Whangarei, having been in his care since mid 1971.

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