Monday 4 March 2013

Recent helicopters

 In the last week or so I have come across many helicopters. Here are three of them.
Spied at the Cromwell Racecourse and parked outside its hangar on 23-02-2013 was the Robinson R44 Raven ZK-HOA2 (c/n 1419) of Aurum Helicopters Ltd. This is ex Ag Ops and Heli Ag.
The above Robinson R22 Beta began life in NZ as ZK-HVG2 in 2004 and was re-registered as ZK-IFT on 27-03-2006. In mid October of 2010 it was sold to David and Maree Jopp of Maritanga Station, near Ranfurly. It was re-registered to ZK-IDJ2 (David's initials) on 26-09-2011 and is currently based at Taieri whilst the owner gets rated. It is seen above at Flightline Dunedin for maintenance on 26-02-2-13.
Trying to evade my lens at Taieri on 28-02-2013 was the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HCF2 (c/n 1286).
An Errol Carr (Helicar Consolidated) import in March 1990. It was listed to Carol Mills of Christchurch on 02-03-1990; then to Trevor Currie of Outram from 26-08-1993. It moved to its current owner; Helicopters Otago Ltd; on 31-08-2000.

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