Saturday 6 November 2010

NZ Aerospace FU-24 Walter ZK-NZS.

Walter powered Fletcher FU24 , c/n 157 , was built for Pays Air Services in Australia and became VH-EDP on 09-09-1971. It also served time with Dillingham Mining Co, back to Pays, then to Airfarm Associates at Tamworth in March of 1980 and then to Acraman Holdings Pty Ltd of Uralla, NSW from 14-11-1983. It was freighted back to NZ in December of 2003 for conversion to Walter power and flew as such on 20-02-2004 having been registered as ZK-NZS2 to Skydive Tandem Ltd the previous day. In March it was at Masterton being converted to its parachute role before moving south. It seemed to be based mostly at Wigram, although noted at several other sites before moving to Pudding Hill at the base of Mt Hutt with the closure of Wigram. This week it has been at Avtek at Timaru receiving a new vertical tailplane.

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