Thursday 4 November 2010

More on the Helicopters (NZ) machines

As previously mentioned (, AS350 Squirrel's ZK-IBH and ZK-HMQ departed Nelson for Lyttleton 03Nov to embark on the Korean icebreaker "Araon"
At Nelson 1Nov, Graham Weatherby photo


  1. What is the history of ZK-HMQ?

  2. ZK-HMQ is ZK-HYM revisted. As ZK-HYM it crashed in early 2007 and subsequently cancelled from the register. HNZ must have picked it up and it became ZK-HMQ in May 2008.

  3. A little more from the CAA website on the ZK-HYM "crash";

    03 Feb 2007
    The pilot was carrying out external load operations when the strop broke. The strop rebounded, striking one of the main rotor blades and breaking one arm of the starflex. The pilot made an emergency landing on a beach. The strop broke because a swivel had not been fitted. The helicopter was damaged by the strop and the ensuing heavy landing.