Thursday 11 November 2010

Mosquitos at Raglan

I am not sure if is the close proximity to water, but Raglan aerodrome does seem to attract Mosquitos. Maybe they are salt water mosquitos?
Last year it was Oscar Stielau's ZK-IOS (See ), and this year it was the agents' ZK-IXE. Both helicopters flew at the fly-ins but only short hops.

ZK-IXE was first registered on 17/4/09 to B E Holland of Dairy Flat (he lives right alongside North Shore Airfield which is handy). The Mosquito XE is an extremely micolight helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of only 240 Kgs!

But it does have a cross country capability as shown in this photo!
I think I am Black Sanded out now, so I will return to other posts.

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  1. I did a small video at Te Kowhai at the recent Labour Day fly in and have a minute of the Moquito at the end of the video. It seams to be a very stable machine... definitely a "want" :)