Wednesday 10 November 2010

Black Sands 2010 - High Wing Visitors

I've been trying to figure a way of categorising the participants at this year's Black Sands event held at Raglan as there was such a variety of types.  So I've simply decided to go with high wing and low wing other than the main stream types as previously blogged (Piper and Cessna), the rotorwing division and RV's (which carried on from Sir Minty's post).
Tecnam Super Echo ZK-CDL down the coast from its Parakai home.

Flight Design CTLS ZK-FDA.  Two of the same type recently circumnavigated the planet!
Rand Kar Air ZK-JCK from Collins Road, Hamilton.

Foxcon Terrier 200 ZK-MEG registered to Opotiki owners.

Foxcon Terrier 200 ZK-NRS also from the Eastern Bay of Plenty

A classic AACA aircraft, the Wittman Tailwind ZK-RET

Murphy Rebel ZK-WEM, often spotted at Ardmore.

Tecnam Eaglet ZK-WTF from Whangarei
Jabiru SK80 ZK-CEN, registered to Auckland owners but based ?
TL3000 Sirius ZK-SPR (noted at North Shore the following day).

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