Saturday 30 May 2009

Rotorway Executive ZK-HUN

Rotorway Executive ZK-HUR3 c/n 3216 was built in between 1986 and 1988 by Orville Neisingh from a factory kit and registered as the Neisingh Exec with the c/n 001. Tom Taylor acquired it and partially dismantled it for conversion to a Turbine engine. This was never completed and it was sold to Bruce Burdekin in 2007.
Bruce imported it into NZ and set up at number 5 hangar at Wigram and registered it as ZK-HUR on 20-03-2007. Alas it proved not to be quiet what Bruce had purchased.
A new mainframe was purchased but damaged in transit. This was repaired. Then a new tail boon and tail rotor was obtained. The engine is an in house Rotorway 152 of 140hp. This drives onto a quad V drive belt. With the closure of Wigram this project has moved to Rangiora, creating more delay, but it is progressing slowly.

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