Saturday 16 May 2009

Question time # 48

So if it's not an F15 airbrake - What is it ?

What aircraft type is it ?

In the case of more than one correct answer:-
Can you tell me who you would possibly expect to be standing beside it ?

And if there is still a flood of correct answers :- You will have to tell me what the initial registration of this aircraft was ?


  1. Zlin Z-37T. Topdressing aircraft.

  2. Welcome aboard QW.

    But it is not a Zlin.

  3. Its along the lines of topdressor then.

    PAC 750XL.

    The part is where they load the fertilizer into the hopper.

  4. Correct there QW.

    Now hows about trying the next part of the question then ?

  5. Standing next to the aircraft would be a topdressing pilot.

    Did I get the aircraft right?

  6. The aircraft is ZK-XLG owned by

    Kairanga Aviation Ltd

  7. It is the hopper loading door.

    It WAS ZK-XLG. It isn't now.

    It was with Kairanga Aviation (so you now have a very good change of naming the person standing on the wing.

    But what was its original registration ?

  8. ZK-JAD C/N 122 cancelled on
    11th Feb 08 and became VH-NZJ.

    Im not sure who could be standing on the wing. Could be you or the pilot?

    Picture of aircraft in Oz

    Also the aircraft is with SKYDIVE CAIRNS PTY LTD