Tuesday 12 May 2009

Nieu Zealand Neiuports

Seeing Blue Bus's post of the Graham Lee Neiuport 17 replica ZK-RFC at Rangiora got me thinking of other New Zealand Nieuport replicas, and surprisingly there have been several. The first is this Addams-Pfeifer Nieuport 11 ZK-NIM which is owned by The Vintage Aviator Ltd, who first registered it on 26/3/07. The Nieuport 11 was a baby version of the original Model 10 and was also a sesquiplane (where the lower wing is smaller and of less span than the top wing). This is our most recent Nieuport replica and is photographed here at Wings Over Wairarapa in January 2009.
The next Neiuport replica is this Musso Nieuport 24 bis ZK-NIE, also owned by The Vintage Aviator and first registered on 16/6/05. It is ex N1893. The Model 24 is a development of the original Model 10 which was developed constantly up to the Model 27, and as you can see is also a V-strut sesquiplane. Zk NIE was photographed at the Classic Fighters airshow at Blenhiem in 2005.

And also from my records is this this Nieuport 24 (?) microlight replica photographed at Pikes Point in 2000. From some investigation I have done, I believe this aircraft was constructed by Jack Melhopt at Timaru, but I do not know its registration. It was powered by a VW engine and was owned in Auckland by Neil Lopez. It did make a small number of flights from Pikes Point but was damaged twice and was then put into storage. Can anyone supply the registration?
There is one more Nieuport replica registered in New Zealand being the microlight Circa Reproductions Nieuport 11 ZK-WWI, which was registered on 21/12/99 and is owned by Ian Sowman of Napier. Does anyone have a photo of this aircraft? If so I would love a copy.
There is also a metal tube Nieuport replica being built at Kerikeri, which when I saw it was at a taxi-able state but with no covering.
And finally, does anyone know of any other Nieuport replicas in New Zealand?


  1. The Lopez machine was a Circa Reproductions Nieuport 11, and was the first ZK-NIE (the 24bis is ZK-NIE/2). First registered owner was John D Lowther, Normanby, Timaru in March 1992, and to Lopez in 1997. The aircraft was revoked by CAA and registration cancelled 2Aug99. Strangely, this aircraft appeared at Turners Car Auctions in Auckland and was offered for sale by auction in March 2007. Yes I was tempted. I don't know what happened to it after that.
    ZK-WWI is also a Circa Reproductions Nieuport 11, reported to have first flown in February 2000.

  2. What about ZK-JOZ/1. My thinking is that this was N1895 or N1895A built by Robert Garcia and became JOZ on 07-04-2003 and canc 07-09-2007 as S.Abd. I have a pencil note that it had a "Cat" & the number "3" on its side and N5246 tail number. I have just dug out a photo showing same for which I had no ZK id. I will blog it shortly.

    The photos that I have marked as ZK-JOZ carry the tail markings N1895. There are pics on Airliners.Net showing JOZ with both N1895 and N1895A marks. Are these both the same airframe with paint scheme changes, eg wing struts, wheel hubs etc.

    I better stop here before I get more confused !

  3. Short note for flyernzl.

    Would you mind contacting me off blog please at bluebus@windowslive.com

    Many thanks.

  4. To clarify:
    face logo - ZK-NIM - ex N148J
    cat logo - ZK-NIE/2 - ex N1893
    skull logo - ZK-JOZ - ex N1895A
    ZK-JOZ was the one that was sold back into the USA in 2007 and had a fatal crash soon after it's arrival.
    I think that the 'N9246' on ZK-NIE/2 relates to the French serial of it's replica colour scheme rather than a USA registration.

    Wilco Blue Bus.

  5. flyernzl - does that mean that my photo of the Skull and Crossbones Nieuport at Blenhiem in 2005 is ZK-JOZ? (and not ZK-NIE as I posted?)

  6. Yes indeedy.
    But we'll forgive you this time.

  7. Gidday... some pics from the Reims airshow 2009 are HERE ... enjoy ;-)