Sunday 24 May 2009

Question time # 47

What type of aircraft are we looking at here then ?

If you know that, then you will know its NZ civil registration !

Then you will also have a very good idea of who the pilot is on this occasion ?


  1. Well I know it is Scandinavian and it could be described as having no brakes!!! I also know the questioner was too scared to land it once - but I'm not sure if that is much of a clue.

  2. Aye there Pommyspy.
    You are on the correct Polar Curve here.

    & you too would be afraid to land it (for the first time) with the nose attitude it acquires when everything is hanging down.
    Little chance of an overshoot, and even less chance of a go round.

  3. Must be a very difficult aircraft to fly. Prop?

  4. Goodd morning QW.

    Not difficult to fly; Lovely to fly in fact; just a different technique required especially in the landing phase.

    Not prop !

  5. I think. That everyone is stumped on this one. I know that I am. If I were to guess, i'd guess it's a helicopter or some kind...

  6. Morning Henry.

    Yes, it does appear that most are stumped, although the Pommyspy is right on track.

    It is not a fling wing either.