Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Question time # 45

Two Datum Points on the same aircraft.
& just to make it easier :- This pic below.
The questions being :-
1] What type of aircraft are we looking at ?
2] What is the item in the lower pic ?


  1. Helicopter or Fixed wing aircraft.

    Looks like it is part of a engine.

  2. Morning PD.
    I thought that I was the one asking the questions ?

    However - It's fixed wing.
    It is not part of an engine although the engine is not of much use without it.

  3. I was thinking it was either a heli or fixed wing aircraft. I didn't mean to annoy you.

    The bottom pic has a belt drive in it.

  4. Yo there PD.
    Not annoying - it was simply an observation.

    It is not a belt drive : It is direct drive.