Monday, 11 May 2009

The Green's have revoked and exported !

Tony and Sarah Green arrived in country from the UK sometime in 2004 with a big box of goodies. Above and below is their De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-TGR2 which as you can imagine has an extensive foreign history. With a c/n of 86546 it was built by Morris Motors at Cowley for the RAF and carried the PG637 serial before going civilian on 04-01-1954 as G-ANLH with the London Aero Club. It moved over to Belgium in 1955 to become OO-EVO before a shift to the US in 1978 to become N3744F. By September 1985 it was back in the UK and took up its old registration of G-ANLH. After another bunch of private owners it was listed to Tony Green and Sarah Clapham (later Green) on 02-01-04. It was cancelled from the UK register and became ZK-TGR on 19-01-05. Timaru based ; I do believe it has flown; but not a great deal. It NZ registration was revoked on 23-04-2009.
Pic below byAlan Brown and nicked from the UK CAA website shows it in its UK markings.Also in the container was this Elliotts of Newbury (EoN) Olympia Mk 11. This was built in 1947 to be stored as unsold for nearly ten years. It came on the British Gliding Association (BGA) register about mid November 1955 as BGA797/AZT. It appears under Tony Green's name about mid 2004. It was listed as ZK-GLY to Tony & Sarah on 18-01-2005 but has remained unassembled at Timaru. It carries the name Ranunculus, and has done since at least 1964 beneath the cockpit, on its all yellow fuselage and has the large letters "AZT" on the vertical tailplane. Its registration has also been revoked.

Third item in the container was this De Havilland of Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22A , c/n C1-0099 . Built for the RAF in 1950 it wore the serial WB660 before being released to the civil marke on 18-01-1961 where it became G-ARMB.
Photo above via UK CAA.
Tony and Sarah appear on the paper work from 02-01-2004. Its UK registration was cancelled on 19-08-04 for its move to NZ where it became ZK-CHP2 on 18-01-2005. To the best of my knowledge it has not flown in NZ. It was canc from the NZ register on 23-04-2009 as exported.
These two pics show it hiding away in the Aviation museum at Timaru.
All three of these flying machines were noted still in the hangar at Timaru on 03-05-2009.


  1. Hello,
    just to let you know both the Aircraft and us are not going anywhere. We have stopped the registrations on the Aircraft due to the continual flow of paperwork and cost from the CAA. The aircraft will be airworthy in due course.
    Kind Regards

    Tony and Sarah Green

  2. Hello there Sarah & Tony.
    Thanks for getting back to us.

    I had a gut feeling that, that was the case, but did not air this view in case I was erroneous.

    It was the "deregistered as exported" on the Chippie, and the fact that it was still sitting happily in the back of the hangar that I considered unusual and warranted the exclamation mark on the header.

    It will be nice to see the aircraft airworthy in the future.

    Good luck with your planes and plans.

  3. All three still there in the same condition October 2015

  4. All three still there in the same condition October 2015