Monday 1 March 2021

Wings Over Wairarapa 2021 - The Vintage Aviator (1)

One of the advantages that Wings Over Wairarapa has is that The Vintage Aviator is based at Hood Aerodrome and WOW provides the platform for what has recently been the only major public display of their amazing collection of WW 1 aircraft.  I am not sure how many of their aircraft were on display and flew this year but here are a couple of photos from their display:

A wonderful formation of Sopwith models - from left a Snipe, a Triplane, a Pup and a Camel.

And a tail chase of a DH 4 by two Fokker D VIIs.  The nearest D VII with the red nose is TVALs newest aircraft ZK-TBI which is a very accurate reproduction of Vzfw Willi Gabriel's 286/18 powered by a new build 180 HP Mercedes DIIIa engine. 

Thanks for the photos Jordan Elvy.


  1. Unfortunately I was a little pressed for time so I didn't note any IDs down but I believe the TVAL flyers were ZK-BFR, ZK-BRI, ZK-CBE, ZK-DHA, ZK-DVA, ZK-FES, ZK-FOD, ZK-JNB, ZK-JOK, ZK-PPD, ZK-REK, ZK-SBY, ZK-SDL, ZK-SOP, ZK-TBI, ZK-TVE, and ZK-ZEP.

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    1. I realise now I could've done without the ZKs - apologies for the clutter!