Monday 29 March 2021

Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club open day at Rangiora 27-03-2021.

 There was a good selection of aircraft parked out for public display at Rangiora on Saturday as part of the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club (CRAC) open day.
Flown in from Loburn Abbey for the day was the Fisher R80 Tiger Moth ZK-LAS (c/n 18) as listed to Ivan Campbell.

Also down from Loburn Abbey was the Ragwing Aero Storch ZK-RWB (c/n RW19) which is a ivan Campbell rework.
It started as a microlight class one as built by Wayne Wilson and Subaru EA81 powered and was first flown from Rangiora on 04-07-2004. 
Ivan purchased it in March 2010 and has spent some years converting it to a two seater class two microlight, adding addition details and re-powering it with a Rotec R2800 radial engine.
See earlier posts on ZK-RWB here

The Rans S-10 Sakota ZK-SIO (c/n 0393157/MAANZ489) was a major rebuild project by Brent Thompson and his mother and friends and was re-flown again on 29-04-2017 by Andrew Love.
It was sold to Iain McPhail of Christchurch from 16-04-2019 and was proudly on display today.

The SOX Syndicate ICP Savannah S ZK-SOX (c/n 18-02-54-0593) was registered on 03-12-2020. It now has a grey upper cowling and spinner.

And WOT you may well ask is this ?
The Tom Cadet Boorabee Mk I ZK-WOT2 (c/n B001-98) is an Australian design which utilised the rear fuselage of a Drifter, with an enclosed tandem cockpit with an HKS700E four stroke pusher engine. 
It entered the Australian microlight register on 18-08-1998 as 10-3037 but was re-listed as 19-3037 in 1999.
It was registered  as ZK-WOT2 on 13-02-2015 with Barry Povey of Otaika.
It has had the rear seat removed. 
Graeme Main of Rolleston picked it up from 30-06-2020 and following some titivating it is now offered for sale.

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