Thursday 11 March 2021

Canterbury Helicopter?

I came across a video recently about African Aviation Fails, but it starts out with this small helicopter which came to grief in a roll over seconds after this image, and someone commented that it was in Canterbury.  So I took a photo of the screen, (apologies for the quality, a screen shot is no better):

Does anyone know what this helicopter is? and is it in Canterbury?  The farmland could be in New Zealand.  From front on it seems to be a single seat helicopter.

I originally thought it could be an early homebuilt helicopter which was the Rotorway Scorpion Too ZK-HSM but it does not look like a Scorpion Too.  ZK-HSM was registered to Daryl Travis and Grant Jeffreys of Kaiapoi on 22/6/83 - can anyone supply a photo of ZK-HSM or point me in the direction of where I might find a photo?

I will eventually get around to posting a series on Homebuilt (and Sport) Helicopters of New Zealand, of which I reckon we have had 61 to date.


  1. I believe that this is a home build from Africa and there is also a YouTube video cheers .

  2. I've shared a link to this post in a couple of Helicopters in NZ Facebook groups asking for ID of this machine (the only one I've seen is "Gyrocopter"!!) and for photos of ZK-HSM (only getting a Squirrel). Will update if anything useful if shared.

  3. Home built in Uganda....You Tube video...

  4. A friend found another video of the same machine, it's in Uganda:

  5. Oh well, it was worth a try - as I said someone commented on the original video that it was from Canterbury. I guess it is a bit off subject for NZ Civair then.
    Thanks to those who commented.