Wednesday 10 March 2021

JodelD.11 ZK-LAN

The construction of this Jodel was started by Bob Wagner (AACA/192) but it was sold unfinished to Les McAlwee and its designated registration of ZK-DVJ was not taken up.

Les McAlwee and Arthur R Jordan registered it as ZK-LAN with the c/n of AACA/293 on 24-06-1987 with its first flight taking place on 9/10/1987.

Ownership passed solely to Les McAlwee of Mapua on 13-03-1992 and I believe it was stored for some time.
Claus Petry of Motueka acquired it from 20-01-2017 and re-activated it in October that year.

Here we see it at Bob Wagner's strip a couple of weeks ago thanks to CMM.

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