Wednesday 27 November 2019

Re-registered Jabiru J 160 ZK-SLH

Jabiru J 160 ZK-SLH has spent most of its life at Foxpine, having been built there by the then Jabiru agent John Lester and first being registered to Foxpine Airpark Ltd on 5/4/05.  On 15/3/18 it was cancelled from the register, still owned by Foxpine Airpark Ltd.

However it was restored to the register on 12/8/19 by Stan Hyde of Feilding, and on 3/9/19 ownership changed to Dr KG Westerberg of Palmerston North.  Tim Gorman photo'd ZK-SLH at Foxpine on 24/11/19 and as can be seen in the photo it has not changed at all over the years.


  1. The registration SLH stands for John and Jennifer's children Steve, Liz and Helen. I built my J160 CLX in the same hangar at FoxPine, finishing it about 6 months after SLH.

  2. Thanks degustibus for that snip of info.