Sunday 3 November 2019

Rangiora open day # 4

Tony McFarlin was also active at Rangiora on Saturday and offers these images.
 Susan Gaiger's Tecnam P2002-JF ZK-CCV2 ( c/n 007) was out for all to see. 
This was originally listed in NZ as ZK-ROZ in late 2004 with a change to ZK-MEL in July of 2001. It became ZK-CCV on 14 June 2018.
 The Ashburton Yak Syndicates Yakovlev Yak-52 ZK-JPW (c/n 822214) was up for the day.
 Aeroprakt A-22 ZK-MYD (c/n 079) of JST Aero Holdings Ltd was down from north of North Loburn for a sausage.
 The latest Tecam P92 Echo UL Classic de Luxe UL for the Canterbury recreational Aircraft Club Inc ZK-RGC (c/n 1601) was delivered on 15 August 2019.
Locally based Tim Ward's Europa Classic ZK-TIM2 (c/n 292) was first registered on 9 March 2004.
And Terry Salmon approaching in his tidy little Corby CJ-1 Starlet UL ZK-EEZ (c.n AACA/130).

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