Tuesday 19 November 2019

DG 400 Motor Glider ZK-GPL at NZKF Today 19-11-2019

I called in to Kaipara Flats airfield this afternoon just in time to catch Tim Harrison returning from a local flight in his Glaser Dirks DG 400 motor glider ZK-GPL2.  Although Tim can operate his glider totally independently with its self launching capability, he was happy to have a hand to put it to bed.

Tim just after touchdown...

 and on roll-out.

 With the tail dolly and wing wheel in place, ready to push back.

A 17 metre wingspan becomes 15 metres as Tim detaches the wing extensions (Tim's hangar is less than 17 metres wide)

Now a 15 metre ship, with the new hangar in the background.

Then fit a neat hydraulic lifter with wheels for maneuvering,

and safe in the back of Tim's hangar.

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