Saturday 12 October 2013

More on those two Central NI Floatplanes.

As a follow up to minicooper's previous post I can add these photos.
 Above is ZK-FEO in Floatplane Air Services markings as seen at Lake Rotorua on 17-04-1991.
Below in a its new scheme at Lake Rotorua Wharf on 17-03-2000.
 Below - again at Lake Rotorua on 10-02-2007 with some of its team mates.

Above is ZK-FPO at Christchurch on 02-02-1990.
Interesting object parked behind.

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  1. FPO - easily fit a Hughes 300 engine in the back then fly it from Nelson direct to Haast. Keith used that aeroplane to its full potential.
    Great aeroplane to fly. And awesome seeing her on floats.
    N510T looks like a nice horse but doubt you'd see her hauling a greesy engine to the West Coast!!