Thursday 17 October 2013

From the shoe box

I am just having a dung out of the shoe box and found these three ho hum photographs that I thought I would bore you with.
 Above pic was taken on 13-01-1967 at the Bell Block Airfield at New Plymouth.
I cannot read the 180's registration.
 On the same trip we see a line up at Rotorua on 10-01-1967.
I am guessing that we have - from the left - The DH89B ZK-AKU. Victa ZK-CHD and the 172G's ZK-COM and ZK-CKV.
This last pic I have dated 02-1971 so it should be from the office of a Bristol but in a senior moment I cannot name the geographical features ahead.


  1. re the 180.My guess is BGI.

  2. Am sure its BGI too .Think it went to Eastern Engineering of Dannevirke in 1967/68

  3. Its the two islands that confuse me. One off shore and the other in the "Channel" itself.

    Also the C180 colour scheme fits that of BGI for the period. I will do a BGI post shortly.