Monday, 12 November 2012

The Vintage Aviator Armistice Day Airshow - Flying Was What It Was All About (1)

I was so impressed with the flying programme at The Vintage Aviator Armistice Day Airshow.  With the aircraft being of modest WW 1 style performance, they could display low and slow, and relatively close to the crowd, which made for some great photo opportunities.  There were plenty of bigger lenses than mine there, but in this series of posts I will try to set out a pictorial record of the show.

It started with Gene de Marco's Stampe performing the ribbon cut.

Then the Be 2's took gracefully to the sky.

I really like the translucent look of the BE2c-1 from below.

Formation of RE8-1 leading with BE 2c and BE 2f

The DH 5 took to the sky and shot down the Pfalz....

Followed by the 2 FE2b -1's, Zanzibar,

And Jess.

Then 2 different Triplanes had a dogfight, being the Sopwith Triplane and the Fokker DR 1,

And the lovely Fokker D 7 blew smoke across the sky.

I will post more tomorrow, from the second half of the airshow.

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