Thursday, 8 November 2012

Changes to microlight maximum weights.

CAA have just released the long awaited change to Advisory Circular AC103-1

The change that most have been waiting for is the increase in allowable maximum all up weight for microlights as follows :-

For a 2 -place landplane 600 kg; or

For a 2 -place seaplane or amphibian 650 kg; or

For a single place landplane does not exceed 510 kg; or

                           For a single place seaplane or amphibian does not exceed 550 kg.
To see the complete Advicory Circular - click on the link below.



  1. Outstanding bring a few more over to the side they should have been all along......

  2. I know that the Piper Cubs were close, along with Tiger Moths and Mini Cabs. Can anyone confirm which of these are now microlights?

  3. I don't imagine that all will automatically become Micro 1's or 11's.
    I'm thinking that each individual aircraft will have to go through "due process".

  4. I remember Rex K saying it depends on notified Manafacturers weight as I tried to get D-11 in as class 2 but no go.....

  5. I guess a move in the right direction if we can get some of the older classics in.

    But I think it really just increases the confusion between LSA and Microlight, we now have a very likely situation (more than it was) where you can have two 100% identical aircraft approved by CAA at exactly the same all up weight, with the same flight characteristics, sitting side by side, one registered LSA and one registered microlight, and a Part 149 certificated pilot can only fly one of them legally.

    There NEEDS to be a rule change to allow Part 149 pilots to also fly LSA registered aircraft.

    If this was to happen then LSA aircraft would be a much more attractive option to clubs, as they could do double duty for people getting time for CAA licences, and people flying recreationally as microlights.

  6. Am I reading the regs. wrong or has their been a Decrease in the Class 1 weight of 35 kg from 544 kg
    to 510 kg